Webinar On-Demand: Which Marketing Channels Lead to Sales


The webinar discusses the rationale behind the research, the methodology used, some key takeaways, and teases out some broader themes that marketers can refer to in order to assemble the best marketing mix for their 2018 planning.

Fill out the form to gain access to our webinar, which is a complementary analysis of the research report, “Which Marketing Channels Lead to Sales.” Elliot Schimel, CEO of Mission Control Marketing, provides an overview of the research, which sought to identify the marketing channels that, for b-to-b marketers, most effectively led to sales.

Bottom line: This webinar and the research identify the marketing channels in which b-to-b marketers must invest in 2018 as well as the marketing channels that do not present an attractive ROI.

If you haven’t read the research report, you can find it here.

If you’re interested in a custom report based on a specific marketing channel, or based on the job role of your target prospects (IT, finance, marketing or operations), email elliot@missioncontrol.marketing.