Webinar On-Demand: Trust the Data: Social Media Is Essential for B2B Sales


This webinar debunks the myth that social media is not effective in driving B2B sales. Our research shows that 92 percent of executives who use social media for business say that it influenced a purchasing decision within the last year.

Fill out the form to gain access to our webinar, “Trust the Data: Social Media Is Essential for B2B Sales,” which draws information from the research report, “Which Marketing Channels Lead to Sales.” Elliot Schimel, CEO of Mission Control Marketing, provides an overview of how social media can be utilized as part of your business development strategy.

Bottom line:This webinar provides a blueprint for incorporating social media strategically, by teaching you how to target and segment, in order to drive B2B sales.

If you haven’t read the research report, you can find it here.

If you’re interested in a custom report based on a specific marketing channel, or based on the job role of your target prospects (IT, finance, marketing or operations), email elliot@missioncontrol.marketing.